Jason Bay had little time to get acquainted with his new surroundings Thursday at Citi Field due to the Mets' exhibition game vs. the Yankees in Tampa Wednesday .

And nine innings against the Braves on Opening Day was still not enough time for Bay to get comfortable with the Mets' new left-field dimensions.

"We kind of got here (Wednesday) night and we looked out from the dugout and it was pretty hard to get a feel for it until you're actually out there," Bay said. "Even then as you're standing out there it still by no means looks tiny but it definitely does look a little bit fairer."

In order to try and beef up the Citi Field home run totals as a whole and Bay's in particular the team not only moved the outfield fences in this season but also lowered the massive outfield wall to just eight feet.

Citi Field has been a place where potential home runs have gone to die since it opened in 2009. Last season, the Mets managed 50 homers in their 81 home games and have just 162 since its grand opening.