Jaromir Jagr has come as advertised so far for the Dallas Stars.

The veteran winger signed a one-year, $4.55-million deal this off-season and has made an immediate impact with the club.

“He’s not only been a real help to the young guys first and foremost, but also to the coaching staff as well,” said Stars head coach Glen Gulutzan.

“He’s very calm to talk to and he’s been around with a ton of experience, so obviously it’s been good for our entire coaching staff, including myself to have him here. I can’t say enough how positive an addition he’s been to our group.”

Jagr, 40, went into Wednesday’s game against the Oilers co-leading the Stars in scoring with a pair of goals and six assists.

A future Hall-of-Famer,

Jagr is only a few months younger than his head coach, who admits sometimes it’s tough not to be in awe of the Czech native.

“I think I’d be lying to anyone if I said I wasn’t,” Gulutzan said. “I grew up watching him play as well and to see a player of that calibre on the ice, just to watch his subtleties, just to watch on the ice what he

does and what he can do, is pretty neat.

“The first time in he practised in Dallas and our practice rink was full, we knew we had a special player. I think for all of us, it was kind of neat.”

Regardless, Gulutzan, 41, is the one calling the shots and there may be a point this season where he’ll have to crack the whip on his star.

“I think there are different ways you talk to different players and I think that

goes for everybody,” Gulutzan said.

“For Jags, he’s got some great ideas that he’s implemented, but we’ve also talked about some things that we need in his game as well. He’s completely on board.

“I remember he had two goals in a game one night and he pulls my pant leg on the bench and says, ‘Make sure we have two centres on the ice,’ and he was taking himself off. It shows the

kind of mentality and mindset he has.”

Another centre down …

Anton Lander became the latest casualty in the middle for the Oilers.