The Celtics are not a team in a hurry and that bodes well for someone like Jared Sullinger.

The second-year forward is recovering from lower-back surgery and he is expected to be fully available when training camp opens today at Salve Regina University in Newport R.I.

That’s not the same as game readiness.

“I’m not close” Sullinger said during yesterday’s media day at the C’s practice facility. “Being out for six months without basketball is really tough. I have a lot of work to do and only training camp can help that. Right now it’s about getting into the best shape possible. Not playing for six months and then trying to jump into the fire you have those days when you’re really good and those days when you suck. I just have to stay consistent.

“You have training camp practicing every day. We’re back into full flow. We’ll have games. Only time will tell that. This is my first time having surgery so I can’t tell you. I have no limitations. Right now I’m full go back to playing practices and taking charges again.”

Sullinger feels fortunate to have basketball as a release considering his recent arrest on domestic abuse charges involving his longtime girlfriend. The woman has expressed a desire not to pursue charges but the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office has expressed an intention to prosecute the case.

Though Sullinger sounded as if he wanted to discuss the case yesterday he was bound by the possibility of litigation.
“I would love to say something about it but it’s a legal matter now. At this point only time will tell” he said. “It’s not really a distraction. . . . Right now we just focus on basketball and when that court date comes we’ll have a distraction on that day. But now my thoughts are on basketball.”

Sullinger is admittedly bothered though by the hit to his reputation.