James Reimer has had an interesting run in Toronto. That run could come to an end in the not-too-distant future.

After he led the Maple Leafs to the playoffs last season, the Leafs brought in Jonathan Bernier and he has been the starter this season, not Reimer (he has done well with it so hard to complain there).

The relationship with Reimer and the Leafs took another rocky stop this week when Reimer was thrust into action with an injury to Bernier. The Leafs have lost three games in a row starting to increase the panic in Toronto and after the loss to Detroit on Tuesday, coach Randy Carlyle said that Reimer was "just OK" that night. Reimer didn't agree.

It all leads to the latest, which is a report from Darren Dreger on TSN that after this season Reimer will ask for his way out of town.