Perhaps the Pittsburgh Steelers will get James Harrison back at the price they wanted after all.

Harrison hasn't given up on the possibility of returning to the Steelers, his agent told ESPN. Harrison's camp would "welcome" a call from the Steelers.

We'd think that Pittsburgh would be open to Harrison's return as well. Coach Mike Tomlin reportedly pushed behind the scenes to keep Harrison, and the Steelers approached Harrison about a pay cut. That indicates a willingness to bring Harrison on board at their price. ProFootballTalk reported previously that Harrison was offered a "30 percent" pay cut from his scheduled $6.57 million salary.

A reunion makes a lot of sense. Harrison was one of Pittsburgh's better defensive players by the end of last season; he would upgrade a thin outside linebacker position for them. He also lost out on a chance to sign with Baltimore when Elvis Dumervil signed with the Ravens. Harrison was in Baltimore and about to formally visit the Ravens until Dumervil's deal got in the way.