James Harrison said Monday the people working on HBO's "Hard Knocks" haven't earned the right to be at the Cincinnati Bengals' training camp to capture the inside stories of the team.
Bengals owner Mike Brown has said he agreed to let his team be documented on this season of "Hard Knocks" because he hopes it can alter his franchise's image as a place where troubled players are welcomed.

But Harrison who joined the Bengals this offseason after being cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers explained Monday why he doesn't believe HBO's cameras should be at the team's training camp.

"I don't feel they deserve to be here. They did nothing to be here other than they want to be here. They didn't put no blood sweat and tears into [any] of this" the linebacker told reporters.

"All these men here they've done that. They did nothing. No one deserves to see this to come inside unless you're part of this."

This is the second time the Bengals have appeared on "Hard Knocks." The team also was the subject of the program in 2009.