Sometimes you wonder if Kevin Durant doesn't take this believing in his teammates thing a little too far.

Like Monday night, when the player Spurs coach Gregg Popovich calls "arguably the best player on the planet" did not attempt a shot in the second quarter. Not one.

Not with control of the Western Conference Finals at stake. Not with the Spurs scoring on seven straight possessions and looking like they were going to turn Game 5 into a best-of their Games 1-2 offensive tutorial.

About all that kept them from doing it was Daequan Cook (remember him?).

And about the time everyone in Oklahoma felt like channeling Catherine O'Hara in "Home Alone" by screaming "KEVIN???????" at their television set, the NBA's three-time leading scorer swooped in to do what Scott Brooks, Manu Ginobili and everyone else who has really been paying attention knew he he'd do.

He saved the Thunder.