Everyone loves an underdog. That's why we have a litany of underdogs in the movies, from Rocky Balboa to Rudy to a bobsled team from the island of Jamaica. Now there's a new real-life underdog story being written and again it's Jamaicans at the heart of this tale.

Graeme Townshend, the first Jamaican-born player in the NHL, has a dream for his home nation. He wants to see a Jamaican hockey team in the Olympics in the next eight to 20 years. This is not a joke, though it could lead to some chuckles. It seems that most underdogs have to overcome some form of ridicule of those ignorant to their passion and drive to succeed anyway.

And by any account, it would appear Townshend is both passionate and driven for this goal. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Townshend spoke about his desires to create a hockey team for Jamaica, which at the present time has not one ice rink on the island.