The Jaguars moved quickly to quell any speculation after the New York Jets released Tim Tebow on Monday.

“The Jacksonville Jaguars’ plans do not include Tim Tebow,’’ Jim Woodcock, spokesman for team owner Shad Khan, wrote in an email to the Times-Union shortly after the quarterback’s release.

The statement confirmed what new general manager Dave Caldwell has been saying since the day he was hired.

In fact, part of the interview process with Khan involved Caldwell telling him he had no interest in bringing Tebow to the organization and Khan acquiesced to that request. Tebow has enormous popularity on the First Coast — he played at Nease High and won the Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida.

During Caldwell’s introductory news conference in mid-January, he famously said of Tebow: “I can’t imagine a scenario where he is a Jacksonville Jaguar … even if he is released.”

A week later, after hiring coach Gus Bradley, Caldwell said he wanted to be out front in distancing the Jaguars from Tebow.

“Our plan was to start fresh and you can’t start fresh if the same things keep coming up,” Caldwell told the Times-Union. “That was our mission and plan. If the same old stuff comes up and distracts us from our ultimate goal, it’s not a fresh start.”