Before April's NFL Draft, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was asked what position he wanted to play in the NFL.

"Whatever it takes to get on the field," Robinson said at the time. "I'm an offensive weapon."

Apparently Robinson has convinced the Jaguars he actually is an 'offensive weapon' because that's now his official position on the team roster. As you can see in the photo at the top of the page, Robinson's position isn't listed as QB, WR, or RB -- all positions he played in college -- it's simply listed as OW. Offensive weapon.

Robinson doesn't seem like a guy with a big ego, but his ego has to at least be a little bit bigger after an NFL team just INVENTED a position designation for him. Next thing you know the Jaguars will be inventing numbers for him.

So how does one earn the offensive weapon designation? By playing a lot of positions in college.

In 37 games at Michigan, Robinson started 35 at quarterback and two at running back, including a 42-17 November 2012 win over Iowa where he rushed for 98 yards on 13 carries.

Robinson's 4,495 career rushing yards is an NCAA record for a quarterback and ninth most in Big 10 history for any player, including running backs. Robinson was also the first player in NCAA history to pass for 2,500 yards and rush for over 1,500 yards in a single-season.