Jacksonville is finding its mojo. Quickly.

A day after 2,378 fans showed up for the start of 2014 rookie minicamp, a whopping 6,214 attended Saturday’s practice.

The numbers come from the Jaguars’ offical website. The prior all-time record attendance for any practice was roughly 4,500. And that came at a training-camp practice, not an offseason session.

While the workouts include only rookie and tryout players, the local excitement surely flows from the team’s aggressive but smart approach to free agency, during which the Jaguars’ front office seemingly settled for a streak of singles and ground-rule doubles in lieu of swinging for the fences. Throw in a potential franchise quarterback whose initials are B.B. (and not T.T.), and the fans could be claiming prime real estate on the ground floor of a juggernaut to come.