When he gave a fiery speech to season ticket holders two weeks ago at EverBank Field, Jaguars coach Gus Bradley was rewarded with a standing ovation. He said the right things and hit the right marks.

Many of those same fans probably had the same reaction Tuesday even though Bradley was more than 2,000 miles away and was talking to reporters during the NFL owners’ meetings.

He spoke highly of West Virginia star Geno Smith. Check — Jaguars fans like any talk about college quarterbacks. He said the Jaguars’ roster-building goal for 2013 is “to get young and get fast and bring that to the field.” Check — the Jaguars were Team Milquetoast last year.

And he said there are “other ways” to create training camp battles instead of spending money in free agency. Check — the Jaguars’ horrid record in that department necessitated a change.

But judging by the Twitter response, Bradley’s take on Smith, the Mountaineers’ quarterback, was the most interesting topic.

Bradley was part of the Jaguars contingent who traveled to Morgantown, W.Va., last week to see the school’s Pro Day in general and Smith in particular.

“I had high expectations, but I think I came out there feeling even better,” Bradley said.

Among the post-workout meetings Smith had was a solo session with Bradley.

“I sat down with him and I just wanted to see how he would be once he entered our building,” he said. “Are people going to gravitate toward him? Is he going to be a leader? Is he going to be a guy everybody backs and will he allow that to happen?

“And I wanted to see his competitiveness. Is he going to come into the building and will it be a deal where it’s his team and somebody will have to take it away from him?”