We grossly underestimated the awfulness of the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars. We were distracted by the Raiders and Chargers two AFC West teams we pegged in the preseason as possibly staring three or four wins in the face. They have both had surprising starts to the season while the Jags are somehow worse than we imagined. And they haven't even hit rock bottom yet.

Turns out "forfeit" was an exaggeration but not by much; the Jaguars are 19.5-point underdogs against the Seahawks this week. That's ridiculous for a team that plays in a league where we're always talking about parity. For some perspective UConn is only getting 17 points against Michigan.

Put another way: The Jags are the American Athletic Conference of the NFL. And expect bettors to go heavy on Seattle moving the line further north.

It's not all bad though. While the Jags are a pitiful outfit historically speaking they're not the worst at least in Vegas' eyes. According to ASHNSports.com here are five biggest point spreads since 1972:

* Dec. 5 1976: Steelers (-27) vs. Buccaneers. Pittsburgh won 42-0.
* Nov. 25 2007: Patriots (-24.5) vs. Eagles. New England won 31-28.
* Dec. 5 1998: 49ers (-24) vs. Bengals. San Francisco won 21-8.
* Oct. 11 1987: 49ers (-23.5) vs. Falcons. San Francisco won 25-17.
* Oct. 2 1977: Cowboys (-23) vs. Buccaneers. Dallas won 23-7.
* Dec. 23 2007: Patriots (-22.5) vs. Dolphins. New England won 28-7.
* Dec. 12 1976: Patriots (-21) vs. Buccaneers. New England won 31-14.