Call it the calm after the storm.

Few unrestricted free agents have inked NHL deals since the 24-hour frenzy of signings that began on July 5. But that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from churning and player agents from churning out vague yet enticing quotes.

Some NHL teams (the Toronto Maple Leafs, for one) have stated publicly that their focus has shifted to trades and signing RFAs, while others (Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres) have made it known that they’re still poking around the open market.

Here is a brief rundown of the latest buzz:

UFA Jaromir Jagr’s future is “black,” according to Jagr.

Donning sunglasses and speaking in his native Czech, the future Hall of Famer released a short Facebook video in which he teases that an announcement regarding his NHL future could come Wednesday.

“As for my next job here in the NHL, I have to say that I see a lot of black,” Jagr told his fans, according to (via Puck Daddy).

Does black refer to the colour of his next uniform — Kings? alternate Hurricanes? — or black as in the death of his epic NHL journey? Or does everything simply take on a blackish hue when you’re wearing sunglasses with lenses that plunge beneath your nose?

According to Boston GM Peter Chiarelli, it won’t be Bruins black. had someone familiar with Czech provide a summary of Jagr’s message. It is as follows:

He apologizes to his hockey family for not posting anything for a while, but he was in a bad mood after the last game. He didn’t want to write anything negative. He knows there are a lot of questions.

As of right now, he sees everything very “black-ly” (he’s trying to be a jokester… a play on words), but he will get back to everyone tomorrow about how, what, and where he might be next season.

He tells everyone to be excited for tomorrow.