Every day is a great day in the world of 41-year-old future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr, who greeted the media at the Prudential Center and started things off by talking about how much he enjoys his seasonal run-ins with fellow forty-something Martin Brodeur.

But the real interesting thoughts from Jagr came when the conversation moved toward his new linemates of Monday night and tonight’s game against the New Jersey Devils. Jagr and Brad Marchand combined for a pair of goals in their six-goal outburst against the Hurricanes, and the legendary right winger showed off the power and creativity still coursing through his body while competing against players half his age.

Gregory Campbell wouldn’t seem like a natural fit between Jagr and Marchand given his normal role on the fourth line, and Jagr illustrated the pros and cons of having such a solid defensive pivot skating with them in terms that might make a defensive-mind coach like Claude Julien just a little nervous.

“Sometimes it’s hard for guys that haven’t played top six because they’re not used to making risky plays. But sometimes you have to take risky plays to make some great offensive play,” said Jagr, who might be the first player to utter the phrase “risky plays” in a positive light in the Bruins dressing room over the last six years. “But I know they don’t like to do that and they like to play safe. It’s tough to play with me and play safe.

“I like to take the risky stuff. But the great thing about [Campbell] is that he’s so responsible defensively that me and [Marchand] don’t have to worry about it that much. It worked pretty well in the last game.”