The Rangers are likely letting Josh Hamilton walk, unless they can all-of-a-sudden sign him to a deal that favors them. That will leave them without a center fielder (an established one, anyway), and potentially make them open to signing one of the many options at the position on the free agent market, or possibly to make a deal with someone they feel they can -- and should -- have around in the long run.

The Red Sox have Jacoby Ellsbury, who fits into the latter camp, as he has one year left on his deal before becoming a free agent. As there is "zero" chance that Ellsbury will extend his contract with Boston prior to becoming a free agent, the Red Sox need to make a decision: do they want to keep Ellsbury around for another season, then attempt to re-sign him, or should they deal him now in the hopes of getting something back they can use immediately, and in the future?