Training camp begins this week in Jacksonville. A couple of weeks back I posted a few things I will be observing when the Jacksonville Jaguars take to the practice fields in preparation for the upcoming season. I’ve been doing some thinking since then.

This season will be different. Yeah I know we say that every year. This time I actually believe it though and if you keep up with my posts I’ve been labeled a pessimist by some. Why will it be different? Because this year we saw a real overhaul of the roster. No more keeping around mediocre talents the Kyle Bosworths CJ Mosleys that have littered this roster for so long. No more overpaid over-the-hill players like Rashean Mathis and Aaron Ross. The one player I wish we could have kept was Daryl Smith but I regress…

Many Jaguars observers are talking about our rookie secondary. 3rd round pick CB Dwayne Gratz will start. 2nd round pick SS Johnathan Cyprien will start. It’s a young secondary. We’ll be starting a rookie at right tackle. Our quarterback is only 23 years old.

We’ll be counting on young players like Will Rackley to step up and improve the interior of the offensive line. Everyone seems to be banking on Cecil Shorts to be even better than he was last year. Both of these players were taken just two years ago in the 2011 draft. 2012 2nd round pick DE Andre Branch is being counted on to become a key part of the pass rush after an abysmal rookie campaign. Last year’s 5th overall pick Justin Blackmon once he’s healthy and he returns from his suspension will try to become more consistent as he picks up yet another new offense.

What I’m getting at is that this team is very young. Even the free agents that were signed are young. Geno Hayes and Justin Forsett were drafted in 2008. Massaquoi Marks and Miller were all drafted in 2009. Of course there’s Marcus Trufant who has been in the league since 2003. The next oldest free agent signed however is Alan Ball who was drafted in 2007. Of the free agents signed Hayes is expected to start. Ball is expected to start. Miller and Marks could start. Massaquoi will be looked to hold down Blackmon’s spot until the troubled wide receiver returns. Forsett will get his touches behind Maurice Jones-Drew along with 2013 5th round pick Denard Robinson.

What I’m getting at is that this team has officially become very very young and more athletic. In comparison last year Kyle Bosworth started at one of the LB spots at some points during the season before 2012 UDFA Julian Standford began appearing on a more regular basis. Chris Prosinski…enough said. No more Dawaan Landry Laurent Robinson. Instead you’ll see Johnathan Cyprien who according to most accounts looked beastly and a slew of young receivers such as Jordan Shipley Mike Brown and Tobias Palmer. No more wasting money. No more keeping players who can’t play.