Sen’Derrick Marks, the Jaguars’ newest defensive tackle, should be a good fit in Jacksonville.

At least off the field.

Marks likes to fish and golf and he will have ample opportunities to do both in his new home. But don’t call him a fisherman.

“That would downgrade my skills,” he said. “I’m an angler.”

The difference is ...

“A fisherman just goes out, and I guess they catch fish,” Marks said. “You just throw a reel into the water and hope a fish catches it. I’m an angler, so I catch fish. I’m going to go out knowing I’m going to catch a fish.

“Growing up in Alabama [around Mobile], being around water, my family loves to fish. I went out fishing with my father all the time. I grew a real love for it. I still enjoy doing it,” he said.

Marks acknowledges his golfing skills don’t match his angling ones.

“I don’t want to put my score out there like that,” he said.

The big question is what Marks will do for the Jaguars on the field after leaving the Tennessee Titans.

In effect, Roy Miller and Marks, the two defensive tackles the Jaguars have signed, replaced Terrance Knighton and C.J. Mosley and will be part of a rotation, along with Tyson Alualu.

“I like the scheme of the defense,” Marks said of joining the Jaguars. “I wanted to be part of it. It’s where I best fit at. I’m a nose guard doing a lot of the dirty work and penetrating. My job is to make the offensive line miserable and mess up the offensive play.”