We have the title of Gregg Popovich's autobiography, assuming it already hasn't been taken by an adult website.

"I want some nasty."

It has a ring to it.

"I said that?" Popovich said late Sunday night.

He did. Before the fourth quarter began, Popovich also told his Spurs in a huddle, "I'm seeing a little bit of unconfidence," which is neither grammatical nor inspiring.

But the Spurs needed to hear all of it. They trailed by nine points, led by a defense that had become Mike D'Antoni-ish, to paraphrase another Popovich phrase.

So then came "I want some nasty," and the ears of someone perked up.

"My name is nasty," he said, and someone asked him if "nasty" was indeed his middle name.

"Yes," he said. "My name is Stephen Nasty Jackson."