Stephen Jackson missed the last five games of the season with that hamstring strain. You know what the Charlotte Bobcats' field-goal percentage was in those games?

50.7 percent.

That's more than five percent better than the Bobcats shot for the season. In fact, if it stretched over 82 games, it would have been easily the best shooting percentage in the NBA.

Somewhere, one of my favorite college professors, Dan Hoover, (two semesters of probability and statistics) would remind me of the law of large numbers: The larger the sample, the more valid the data, and five games do not a season make.

Totally agreed, and more importantly know this: Over the course of the season, the Bobcats were better with Jackson than without him. They were 4-11 when he didn't play; you think that's a coincidence?

This is something subtler, and I'm sure it's on the minds of both the coaches and the front office: Jackson is the best scorer in the franchise's history. Expensive as he was, he's earned his salary and then some, not only with his skills, but also with his passion.