Phil Jackson has a lot of motivation to get his coaching search done in the next 10 days.

According to an NBA source, Jackson is flying to Turkey in mid-June with his fiancée/Lakers president Jeanie Buss for nearly a week to attend his son Ben’s wedding.

Jackson desperately wants the coaching search wrapped up before his European vacation with Buss, who has some interest in Derek Fisher for the Lakers’ front office, if not as head coach.

The NBA source said Jackson, who has five kids, originally planned to make it a two-week Turkish holiday before he had accepted the Knicks presidency in mid-March. Jackson, however, didn’t want to miss the NBA Draft on June 26, though never figured he would still be searching for a coach in early June.

Though he doesn’t have a draft pick, Jackson plans to buy one in the second round.

Fisher, the leading candidate for the Knicks’ job, seemed cognizant of Jackson’s urgency late Saturday night after Oklahoma City got eliminated in the Western Conference finals when he said: “I’ll try to do that as soon as possible for all parties involved and make the decisions that need to be made.’’

That Jackson is physically fit to make the journey to Turkey is a good sign for those holding out hope he coaches the team himself this season. Jackson, 68, has cited his flagging health as being unable to stand the excessive plane travel. Buss, however, has attempted to convince him to return to the bench.