When you lose an agonizing game like the Warriors did to Denver on Saturday night, and it's followed by three off-days, it's impossible not to look back at that game and get into a detail or two.

There were a lot of things going on. Had a chance to talk to Warriors coach Mark Jackson about some of them – including going small, his best defensive lineup and whether or not David Lee is hurting the team defensively.

On being critical of his own team's rebounding and yet playing without a center much of the game, and going with David Lee and Carl Landry:

Jackson: "(Andris) Biedrins is a very good rebounder. Carl Landry and David Lee are better rebounders than Festus Ezeli today. Everything you look at tells us that. Even though he's (Ezeli) bigger he's not the rebounder we need him to be today. That's the first answer to that.

"The second answer is they were small. They played (Kenneth) Faried at the five with (Danilo) Gallinari at the four. So that was part of it. Even looking back, we're up five with two minutes to go. So that didn't cost us the game. Missed free throws, missed assignments cost us the game. Carl Landry and David Lee are my two best big men. That can't be debated. That's just the way I was thinking in that situation."