There was a reason Manu Ginobili was so wide-open on his last-second 3-pointer to win Game 1: The Warriors botched their defense, according to head coach Mark Jackson.

“It was a miscommunication,” he said. “They were supposed to switch it. The screen wasn’t set, and two guys went with (Tony Parker) and Manu slipped out of it. A breakdown defensively and they got a wide-open look out of it.”

Without the full play, it’s difficult to ascertain with complete confidence who was guarding who when the play began.

But from this uneducated vantage point, it looked like rookie forward Harrison Barnes was the guilty party. Instead of sticking with Boris Diaw or switching on to Ginobili, he instead followed Tony Parker, who was already covered by Jarrett Jack, all the way out to 35 feet. That gave Kawhi Leonard the easy option to find Ginobili, who took advantage despite a respectable close-out from Kent Bazemore.

“I don’t know,” Jack said of the play. “I was guarding my guy.”