Red Sox manager John Farrell gave you a glimpse of the future yesterday at Bright House Field and Jackie Bradley Jr. gave you a feeling the future is now.

Several hours before a game with the Philadelphia Phillies, Farrell held court in the visitors dugout explaining why he decided to play Jacoby Ellsbury in center, Shane Victorino in right and young Bradley, who has never played a game above Double A but doesn’t seem to understand that’s supposed to mean something, in left.

Farrell opined that this would be one of the few remaining opportunities to test Bradley’s mettle in a situation as close to a major league setting as he was likely to face in the final week of spring training. It was another proving ground for Bradley, whose play keeps insisting he head to Yankee Stadium next weekend even if common sense and business sense suggest McCoy Stadium might be a wiser choice.

“This is probably the best environment we can put him in,” Farrell explained when asked about putting Bradley in left field for the first time this spring. “On the road. Away from our ballpark. Going up against a very good pitcher. This will be a good day for him.”

Bradley needed to see only four pitches from Cliff Lee to ensure it would be, yanking the fourth over the left field fence for an admittedly wind-aided three-run homer off one of the game’s best lefties in the second inning. When he followed that with a run-scoring sacrifice fly off Lee that was ripped to center field in his next at-bat, the case for ignoring the conventional wisdom and ignoring Bradley no longer mounted.

“I never say it’s too early,” Victorino said later of playing Bradley. “This game, in this day and age, you’ve got these 19- and 20-year-olds getting their opportunities and making the best of it. Hey, who knows? I don’t make that decision. Do I think he’s ready? I think he’s proven.