More than one fan at the Blue Jackets draft party on Friday night used a profanity when asked about the team's trade for Philadelphia Flyers center Jeff Carter.

"I was excited because he seems like a great player," Keith Hughes said. "I just hope he can embrace the change. I think that's what we've seen in the past with players like Foote "

Adam Foote? Wow. Did he just say that in public?

Hughes seems like a great guy, but here's hoping he ran home and washed his mouth out with soap as quickly as possible. If he keeps using language like that around here, somebody might be tempted to rip that "World's Coolest Dad" T-shirt off his chest and send his three kids into foster care. A good parent probably can get away with saying "darn" or "heck" in front of his family, but using the name of the traitorous former Blue Jackets captain, who bailed on his team and forced a trade back to Colorado when it was still in the playoff race, is borderline child abuse.

OK, I'm joking. But Hughes wasn't. The only thing standing between some Jackets fans and a parade down Nationwide Boulevard over the deal, which finally brings a first-line center to Columbus, was the fact that it was obvious by Carter's actions - he wasn't talking to Blue Jackets officials, reporters or just about anybody, apparently - that he was angry over being dealt by the Flyers.

"I hope he's not just another high-priced acquisition who is just looking for his next trade somewhere else," Hughes said.

That's a common fear among hockey fans in these parts, and it's not without substance. It's no secret the Blue Jackets aren't the free-agent destination of choice for most of the best players, and there's no reason for it to be. The Jackets are a small-market team with a history of losing in a non-traditional hockey market that doesn't offer the bright lights of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, or beaches or mountains or year-round sun.