The first-year player draft has come and gone, but there’s another big date coming up on the calendar — and the Twins hope to land another potential impact player.

The international signing period begins on July 2, and the Twins remain in a good spot to land power-hitting shortstop prospect Wander Javier, according to a source with knowledge of the Twins’ interest. Javier, from the Dominican Republic, has plus power potential, and many scouts believe he is a true shortstop — although there are a few who think he will fill out and have to move to third base. For now, he’s a power-hitting prospect at a premium position, which makes him popular.

Reports have Javier’s price tag at $4 million, which would surpass the $3.15 million the Twins signed Miguel Sano for in 2009 as the largest bonus they have given an international prospect.

If Javier does cost the Twins $4 million, that’s more than the Twins’ assigned international bonus pool of $3,948,500. They would have to pay a 100 percent tax on the amount they are over, which is $51,500.