Four days after Jim Schwartz's defense wet the bed against the Washington Redskins, reporters finally got an opportunity to talk to him Thursday morning.

To his credit, he didn’t spare the rod.

“We were bad at all three levels,’’ the Eagles defensive coordinator said. “No, let’s make that four levels. We were bad at defensive line. We were bad at linebacker. We were bad in the secondary.

“And we were bad at the defensive coordinator position.’’
How will Jim Schwartz’s defense fare this week?

The Eagles will turn it around and beat the Vikings.
Better, but they’ll still lose.
Not good. Again.

He’ll get no argument from me.

The Eagles gave up 493 total yards and 26 first downs to the Redskins. They were gashed for 230 rushing yards. They didn’t have any sacks. They allowed the Redskins to convert 7 of 13 third-down opportunities.