To some, the Taylor versus Tyler debate is already over.

Others believe it hasn't even started yet.

And still others will tell you it's silly to be debating apples and oranges.

Nevertheless, it'll be fuel for discussion and fun to watch when their careers intersect Sunday for the first time since the Oilers ended months of speculation and argument by taking Hall over Seguin last summer in Los Angeles.

"It'll be interesting because I don't think we'll get to play each other a whole lot through the course of our careers," said Hall, well aware that Oilers-Bruins games are a rarity in today's NHL. "With all the lead up to the draft and travelling around together it's kind of neat to see how we've grown as players. It should be fun to play him Sunday."

While Taylor versus Tyler was a coin toss in June, the numbers today suggest Hall is the better player by a landslide.

He has 21 goals and 19 assists and needed less than five months to become Edmonton's most productive goal scorer and most consistent player.

Seguin had 10 goals and 11 assists going into Saturday's game in Vancouver, has been in the press box a few times and has yet to make an impact.

But that's where the whole apples-oranges thing comes in.