David Backes is a smart guy. While at Minnesota State University, the Blues' captain studied electrical engineering and actually considered hockey a fall-back career. After leaving school his senior year to join up with the Peoria Rivermen, Backes has been trying to finish his degree, but obviously engineering isn't something you can finish long-distance while you're a professional athlete. Backes talked to the Minnesota Wild's official website about his educational plans a few years ago:

Wild.com: You were an excellent student, and obviously you have to be when you’re pursuing an electrical engineering degree. Is that still somewhat of a hobby for you or something you might pursue after your professional career?

Backes: I’ve looked back a few times at some of those text books that I had, and wondered what the heck I was thinking when I was in that class. Some of that stuff is so complex; I’d probably have to start at Class Number One to start building it all back. But I’m not too many credits away from a physics degree, or maybe a mathematics degree – I’ve done tons of that. Those things are still passions of mine, and things that I use in my everyday life, but I think the electrical engineering has probably taken a back seat and is a fantasy now. But there’s going to be plenty of other endeavors. You can only play this game for so long. I’ll pursue something and we’ll see what happens after I’m done.