EA Sports ran a simulation using its NHL video game that projected the Rangers to beat the Blackhawks in a six-game Stanley Cup final.

It’s as good a guess as any because this year’s playoff field is wide open, perhaps more so than usual due to the unusual circumstances this season.

Though these playoffs are actually starting three weeks later than normal because of the lockout-shortened schedule, this is what would normally be considered halfway through a season.

It’s still tough to gauge, in certain cases, what a team’s true personality is.

Some teams that were strong at the beginning of the season — say the Canadiens, seeded second in the Eastern Conference — have struggled through April, particularly goalie Carey Price. And others, such as the Capitals, Rangers and Red Wings, have hit their stride.

Of course, as the Kings proved last season when they won their first Cup as the West’s eighth seed, just getting into the tournament is the key thing.

As for favorites, it probably starts with the President’s Trophy-winning Blackhawks, who rumbled through the season 36-7-5 following a 21-0-3 start.

But backup goalie Ray Emery’s health is a question. He formed a solid tandem with Corey Crawford as both finished in the NHL’s top five with a 1.94 goals-against average.