The streak lives.

Not the Heat streak. The Cold streak. Derek Fisher still can't make a shot.

The Thunder routed the Wizards 103-80 Wednesday night, and some wild things happened.

Kendrick Perkins nailed an 18-footer. Hasheem Thabeet swished a 10-footer. But ancient Derek Fisher kept missing. Three more misses Wednesday without a basket, raising his streak to 18 misses over six games.

Not that the 38-year-old Fisher is going to hear about it from his Thunder teammates. NBA locker rooms can be a cruel environment, but Fish is Mr. Untouchable. Not just because these baby Boomers respect their elders. They respect Fisher's jewelry.

“Can't bust nobody with five rings,” said Perkins. Not even a Laker, and Perk is a Laker Hater.

Said Russell Westbrook: “He's got five rings. Been to the NBA Finals. I really don't think he cares about missing 18 shots.”

True enough. Fisher says he knows he hasn't made a basket in awhile but also says it doesn't matter.

“In the role that most of us play for this team, you shouldn't measure yourself by percentages or how you're shooting,” Fisher said. “It's really about how you're impacting the game and if you're making a positive contribution.

“We don't have a problem scoring points. So we don't need another guy worried about how many shots he's making. We need more guys worried about how many shots we're going to keep the other team from making.”

Fisher is right. The Thunder brought him back on Feb. 25 for immeasurables.

Which can send the Thunder fan base a little over the edge.

Friend of mine says he's been inspired by Fisher. Says the next time he's hitting on a girl, and she wants to know why she should give him her phone number, he's got a ready answer.

That's a running joke. Ask Scotty Brooks what Fisher brings besides intangibles, and Brooks starts talking about, you guessed it, intangibles.