Ed Reed always looks for the lateral if he thinks he might get tackled. Ed Reed criticizes the franchise quarterback after a playoff win to motivate him (it worked). Ed Reed sings "Two Tickets to Paradise" to the city of Baltimore and on National TV when the Ravens qualify for the Super Bowl. Ed Reed does not have an agent; he represents himself. Ed Reed is one of the best and most unique NFL players in history. Ed Reed is part and will always be part of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens’ front office is in for a very unique week or so with Ed Reed. He is an unrestricted free agent and can be picked up by any team, but the Ravens need to keep him. His value-add to the team is more than just ability, it is in the intangibles. I know it is reckless and sometimes stupid to be sentimental about players on the team (Bill Belichick has always gone against sentiment in these situations), but in Reed’s case it would be gut wrenching to see someone else play FS on the night we celebrate the second Super Bowl victory in Charm City. It would be very difficult to see him in different colors less than a year after all his NFL dreams came true on February 3rd in the Super Dome.