Let's not dwell on Sunday's loss to the 49ers. I realize that's easier said than done. It sounds melodramatic, but Sunday's loss is literally haunting my dreams. I'm avoiding all NFL-related television and radio broadcasts like the plague. The term "Harbowl" makes me want to simultaneously cry and punch someone, preferably Jim Harbaugh. I'm just being honest.

But, I can't deny what a special season this has been for the Falcons, and although we're all disappointed, to put it mildly, that the Falcons fell just short of the sheer poetry of Tony Gonzalez playing in his first Super Bowl, and his last game as a pro, on the home turf of our most bitter rival, we should always look back on this season fondly and with pride.

We have so many fond memories from this season. Who can forget Warren Sapp picking the Falcons to lose 41-0 to the Chiefs, and the Falcons coming out strong to defeat them on the road, or watching the Falcons pick off Peyton Manning three times in primetime? We'll remember the "experts" picking against the Falcons in week three, and Atlanta responding by dominating the Chargers in every phase of the game on the road. We'll remember the thrilling last-minute success at home against Carolina, and winning a tough one on the road against the eventual NFC East champs, the Redskins. Perhaps less fondly, we'll recall rolling our eyes and yelling things like, "Come on, IT'S OAKLAND," as the Falcons gutted out a win that should not have been so difficult. We'll all remember spending Atlanta's bye week reading stories and listening to reports on how the struggling Eagles were a lock to win in week 8 because of Andy Reid's record after a bye, and then watching the Falcons make liars out of everyone who picked against them.