A glimmer of hope that wasn't present Thursday night when the Flyers announced that Chris Pronger would miss the rest of the regular season and the playoffs surfaced on Friday.

General manager Paul Holmgren didn't outright dismiss the possibility that the Flyers' defenseman could ask to be re-evaluated months from now if his symptoms from post-concussion syndrome disappear.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Holmgren said during a Friday news conference.

"I think right now, Chris is not an option. If he gets better somewhere over the next month, months, we'll address that when we get there."

Asked why the Flyers eliminated the playoffs as a possibility even though April is more than four months away, Holmgren replied, "Well, that's a good question. I don't know. I guess just the way he's felt since we believe what was the original injury, maybe years of playing in the NHL. I can't answer that."

If you think about it, by announcing that Pronger is done for this year, including playoffs, the Flyers have removed "uncertainty" from the dressing room. He's gone, he's not coming back, the team moves forward.

This is in contrast to how the Penguins handled Sidney Crosby last season, never saying he was done, allowing their players to believe he might return. Crosby even practiced with the club during the playoffs.