Is Robert Griffin III insecure?

He almost always expresses great confidence in himself and his teammates on the podium in front of the media. On the field, he usually appears to be the guy in charge.

However, we now have some reports coming out that Griffin might not feel very secure in his job. Last week it was Ian Rapoport and Mike Silver talking about it on the NFL Network. Now it’s Albert Breer on another league entity,

“Redskins coaches have noticed an insecurity with Griffin this season, and some in the organization believed part of his motivation to quickly return from ACL surgery was driven out of fear that Kirk Cousins would make a run at his job,” Breer wrote yesterday.

The notion that Cousins, a fourth-round pick, would provide serious competition for Griffin, a player the Redskins gave up a ton of draft picks to acquire, seems silly on the face of it. But life in the NFL can take some strange turns and it’s certainly possible that Griffin was concerned about getting the Wally Pipp treatment if he missed the start of the season.

Breer said that such a situation “isn’t uncommon” and a similar dynamic helped drive Tom Brady to his Hall of Fame career. Griffin’s insecurity may stem from his experience when he was being recruited by colleges.