For several days now, the question has been whether the Warriors are a "dysfunctional" organization, as reported by in the wake of assistant coach Brian Scalabrine's demotion. Now we have another bizarre incident - assistant Darren Erman was fired Saturday - and a definitive, two-part answer to that question.

Part one: Of course they're not dysfunctional.

Part two: Oh, but they are.

And it puts more pressure on head coach Mark Jackson than ever before.

To be clear, there is no correlation between the sudden absence of two coaches. Scalabrine clashed with Jackson on basketball matters, and according to multiple sources, Erman was dispatched for an egregious violation that would have found him canned by any corporation. The Warriors emphasized that he ran afoul of "company" policy, not the team's, so this appears to be entirely out of Jackson's hands.

For fans taking an objective view of things, it still doesn't alter the big picture. Jackson helped orchestrate a dramatic revival of the franchise. The players love him and don't mind saying so. He has the team headed for its first 50-win season since 1994. The real issue isn't Jackson's coaching, but the fact that Andrew Bogut, David Lee and perhaps even Andre Iguodala won't be fully healthy for the playoffs, which lends the disturbing hint of first-round doom.

Joe Lacob is not an objective-thinking fan. This is his show, and all reports suggest he's losing his patience with Jackson: over embarrassing home losses, over strategical decisions, over the fact that when it comes to assistant coaches, he does not choose well. Lacob also likes to reach his lofty goals in a hurry, and should the Warriors lose in the first round - even to a clearly superior team - that would represent a letdown from last year's second-round appearance.

Lacob isn't such an unreasonable man. He vigorously defended Monta Ellis when his star guard faced a sexual harassment suit in 2011 (a settlement was eventually reached). He stood behind Jackson when the coach became the target of extortion (related to an extramarital affair) in 2012. He doesn't turn on his cherished employees without good cause.