The San Antonio Spurs are sitting on top of the league with a 40-12 record. They have done this through a combination of offense and defense, ranking in the elite in most of the regular categories that are used to rank possible contenders - points per game, points per possession, offensive rating, field goal percentage, and three point percentage; not to mention opponent points per game, opponent points per possession, defensive rating, opponent field goal percentage, and opponent three point percentage. Nevertheless, if they have a weakness apart from their turnover woes (which I'll admit have been improving lately), it is their consistent inability to garner offensive rebounds.

The Spurs have a dismal 20.4 offensive rebounding percentage, which means they grab a mere fifth of their missed baskets. That places them dead last in the Association, even behind traditionally weak offensive rebounding teams like Boston (who now place 29th) or Miami (who place 27th). Now, what could be the reason for this weakness in the Spurs' vaunted offense?