Q: Are the Heat preparing for amnestying Mike Miller by not playing him? -- Joel, Aventura.

A: I can guarantee you that next July (the next time the amnesty cycle comes around) is the last thing on the mind, at the moment, of Pat Riley and certainly Erik Spoelstra. If anything, Spoelstra is thinking about June and how to get Miller there healthy. Mike wants to play, but this is sort of the deal he made with the injury devil. You likely will see more of Mike once injuries to others come around and more is needed in the rotation. Spoelstra insisted after Wednesday victory you will be seeing more of Mike, but he also said that he is somewhat comfortable with a nine-player rotation. And Rashard Lewis certainly isn't going anywhere.

Q: If you look back to the beginning of last season, the Heat were giving up a lot of points just like this season. Do you think they believe they can turn up the defense when they need to? -- Scott, Los Angeles.

A: Forget what I believe, they know it, because they've shown it. This team has another defensive level, and will show it when needed. But this team also is at a higher level offensively than it was last season. Both the offense and defense were on display Wednesday against the Nets.