OK, this is the last article I'm posting regarding Dan Dakich's interview with former Colts president Bill Polian.

Really. I swear. My pickaxe is dull from mining this golden nugget.

For all the times we at Stampede Blue poke our fun at the big redhead, the reality is that he did some great things in Indianapolis. He is also a fantastic grump, and despite his paranoid, old man craziness, the five-time NFL Executive of the Year winner is a fountain of NFL and football-related knowledge.

When talking to ESPN analyst Dan Dakich on Dakich's radio show last week, Polian said that none of the quarterbacks in this year's draft class have what he calls "incandescence." The literal definition of that word is: The emission of visible light by a hot object. Relating to football, Polian is basically saying that none of the QBs standout. They don't command a room, a huddle, or the attention of the viewer.