In the conversation of the Pistons approaching the trade deadline, one consensus seems to have emerged without sufficient reasoning: Josh Smith is untradeable. But is this actually the case?

Yes, his contract is large. But with no raises built in to the contract, the long-term implications won't be quite the same as other poor signings. $13.5 million a year for the life of his contract is easier to swallow than $13.5 million this year, $14.5 million next year, $16 the following year and so on.

Yes, he's been abysmal for the Pistons. But there's still a perception that he could be more effective playing power forward, wrong-headed though that perception may be. Additionally, Rudy Gay's drastic improvement after his trade from the Raptors to the Kings offers legitimate hope to a team in Smith's buy-low potential.

If Joe Dumars decided to test the market for Josh Smith, I think there would be significant interest around the league - significant enough that I think almost half of the teams would have at least some level of interest. Let's take a look at who might pick up the phone.