There are two different Jeff Greens.

For simplicity's sake, let's call them "Bad Jeff" and "Good Jeff." They have two very distinct personas, as perceived by two very distinct groups of people around the NBA.

Bad Jeff is the guy who didn't pan out. He was the Big East Player of the Year at Georgetown, a No. 5 overall pick in a decent draft class headlined by two supposed franchise players, and a prospect so hyped that he was traded, albeit along with a few other small pieces, for Ray Allen. Bad Jeff was supposed to be a star, but instead he's spent five years hiding behind more heralded players, underperforming off the bench, and finally missing an entire season when he should have been entering his prime. Bad Jeff is getting $36 million to be a Celtic for the next four years, and the vast majority of the NBA is scratching their heads, wondering what on earth he's done to earn it.

Then there's Good Jeff.