Buster Posey will be on the Giants through 2016.

That's the most important point of this article. No matter what happens, no matter how pricy he gets, how acrimonious the negotiations become, Posey's here for the next four seasons if the Giants want him. That's a long time to wait and evaluate, to see where the team is and where it's going. The Giants are in a good spot.

Posey is about to start getting expensive. He'll go to arbitration this year as an MVP, a Rookie of the Year, and a two-time World Series champion. You know, I'll bet Justin Smoak could have done that in the right system, but I digress. Ryan Howard won the MVP a season before he was arbitration-eligible, and he ended up winning a $10 million salary. By my calculations, because Posey is 50 times more awesomer than Howard he should get … carry the one … $500 million. Seems fair to me.

But according to Matt Swartz at MLB Trade Rumors, who is good at this stuff, Posey should get somewhere around $6 million. Then I'd guess about $10 million in 2014, $14 million in 2015, and $18 million in 2016. Those are just guesses, but they're probably within a couple million. So pretend that Posey is on something like a four year, $48 million contract.

That's a swell contract -- it's below market value, but it's still lucrative enough where it's not like the Giants are completely taking advantage of him. It could be more swell, though. What about five years, $60 million? Six years, $80 million? What would you pay for Posey?