It seems the Greg Oden revival is starting to gain steam. Despite not having played a single NBA game in the past three years, Oden has reportedly gained some suitors keeping a watchful eye on his rehabilitation.

Charlotte is one of those teams, Chris Broussard reports. Sure, say what you will about Broussard and his sources but this does make sense. The Bobcats are aching for more frontcourt talent, or heck, any at all. Plus Rich Cho, former Portland Trail Blazers GM, certainly has his own knowledge and connections with Oden. So there could certainly be some truth here.

To find out more about Oden, what situation would do him well and what he has left in the tank, I spoke with my friend Sean Highkin. Sean's a longtime fan and writer about the Trail Blazers, so I figured he would know a good deal about Oden.

To be honest with you, I'm not sure how much of a fit Oden is for a team like the Bobcats. The destinations that have always made the most sense in my mind are Phoenix (because of their training staff-they got a solid season out of Michael Redd last year), San Antonio (who can seemingly make anyone good again), and Miami (media attention focused elsewhere, no expectations on him to do anything offensively). The best path back to the NBA for him would be a team that doesn't need him and can afford to use a roster spot to take a flier on his health. The Bobcats have so few reliable big men that, provided he's healthy, he'd likely be asked to play a significant amount of minutes and take more credit or blame for their season than he should be in a position to receive. Anywhere he would be a major part of the team's game plan is the wrong fit at this point, because you simply cannot place the development of young, promising players like MKG and Kemba at the mercy of his knees.