Q: Now that LeBron James had his year, is this the year Dwyane Wade steps back up and tries to prove he is still one of the NBA's elite? I can see him trying to take leadership of the team this year. Your thoughts? -- Myles, Coconut Creek.

A: I don't think Dwyane has to prove he's one of the elite. He clearly still has such status. As for stepping back up, he essentially ceded the top-dog role when he recruited LeBron. And at this stage of his career, Dwyane can appreciate the advantages of avoiding the heavy lifting when possible.

Q: What's with Juwan Howard hanging around? He has his ring, had his glory, has millions of dollars. Why would he squeeze out a young player looking to make a career just to get a couple of minutes at garbage time? And even bigger question is why would the Heat let him? -- Jack, Sanibel.

A: He's not squeezing anyone out, merely allowing the Heat to sift through prospects. You have to understand, the veterans on this team loved having him around, and Juwan still loves being part of it. So the question is whether another 15th man is going to make a difference. Through all of that, I agree that such spots are better left to younger legs.