Two recent wins, including a gigantic statement victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, have temporarily sated Lakers Nation from near riot. Just a few days ago, fans and critics alike were ruling the Lakers DOA, shoveling six feet worth of dirt onto the STAPLES Center floor. With the present rendered seemingly obsolete, many looked to the future of the Lake Show. Chief amongst the concerns is whether or not Dwight Howard would stick around a lottery team, but more importantly, was he worth paying the money that would designate the center as a "franchise player"?

Seven months ago, this question seemed unfathomable; however, after two emphatic victories, such concerns have not been abated. Howard is far from the player that everyone expected him to be in 2012-2013, and while he's been slowly progressing from back surgery, he's been recently relegated to a spectator in the fourth quarter. Off the court, Dwight has also underwhelmed, not showing the character or strong leadership Los Angeles has been privy to for the past forty years, starting with West and Baylor, and moving onto Magic, Shaquille and Kobe.

Seeing as this is the hot topic of the week, we took this to the SS&R crew for discussion. After watching Howard for a little more than half a season, do you still regard him as a franchise player? Or merely a very good player that's a piece of a championship puzzle? Does your answer impact whether or not he could be traded before the deadline?