As reporters interviewed Celtics guard Jason Terry after Friday night’s game, a female reporter from China broke in with what seemed to be headline news about Terry’s former Mavericks teammate, Dirk Nowitzki.

“So, Dirk is going to be a father this summer,” she told Terry, himself a father of four girls. “Are you going to give him any tips?”

Taken aback for a second, Terry smiled and said, “Is that right? I’ve already given it to him. I’ve been trying to get him to be a father for eight years. It’s about time. Congratulations to him.”

Since the reporter’s question and Terry’s answer occurred in front of a group of reporters, it became incumbent to ask the Mavericks and Nowitzki whether Jessica Olsson, whom Nowitzki married last summer, is in fact pregnant.

A Mavericks spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the rumor. So The News waited until the Mavericks locker room cleared of other players and reporters and told Nowitzki about the exchange between the Chinese reporter and Terry.

Nowitzki finished putting on his shoes, stood and smiled. His face turned red, but not out of anger.

“I haven’t heard that,” Nowitzki said, still smiling. “Thanks for the heads up.”

He walked away, still smiling, having not exactly denied the rumor.