Q: Ray Allen looks great in a Heat jersey. I am still amazed that the signed him. He will be a huge addition to this team. -- Chet.

A: What impressed me most in Sunday's exhibition was all the other things he does, from his better-than-advertised ballhandling to his facilitating for others. He only attempted one 3-pointer, missed it, yet still contributed. As I said in my game story, he sets up as the perfect quarterback of the second team, to help settle that unit amid Norris Cole's boundless energy. Yes, health permitting, he will be a significant addition.

Q: Chris Bosh is so talented. Could you imagine how good he could be if he was surrounded by other talented bigs? -- Stuart.

A: He doesn't need to be; he's good enough on his own. Chris also was impressive Sunday, and he did it against the Hawks' Al Horford, an All-Star level talent. As with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, Chris does not need other to make him better, he makes others better.