Q: In the now-unlikely scenario where Mike Miller would not be able to play much of next season, how does the injury exception work? I know the Heat would get $2.9 million and yet Miller could still technically come back to play. Would Miller still count on the roster? -- Tom, New York.

A: Such an exception only would be granted if a league-appointed doctor deems that Miller's condition is likely to keep him out for the season. But as long as he is under contract, Miller still would account for one of the 15 roster spots. All of that said, don't be surprised if Mike yet requires back surgery. That chapter has yet to be fully written. All of that said, even if they become eligible for such an injured-player exception, I wouldn't be surprised if the Heat didn't simply bank such an exception to see if a player might become available at the midseason buyout deadline. Remember, though, under the new collective-bargaining agreement, such an exception would be just for a one-year contract.