Before he was arrested for driving while intoxicated and felony drug possession, Colts owner Jim Irsay proposed that the NFL change its rules to allow teams with retractable roofs to open or close the roofs at halftime. But Irsay’s arrest and subsequent decision to check himself into a treatment facility means he won’t be there to advocate for his proposal at the league meeting.

NFL Network reports that the proposal has been tabled because the league wanted to have Irsay there to discuss the idea with the other owners before the owners vote on it.

Under current NFL rules, teams with retractable roofs must declare at least 90 minutes before kickoff whether the roof will be open or closed for that day. Teams can’t change their minds during the games, regardless of changing weather conditions. Irsay’s proposal is to permit a home team with a retractable roof to open or close its roof at halftime.