Claude Julien practically had steam coming out of his ears following the 4-3 loss to the Montreal Canadiens after watching the Habs pull their typical diving and embellishment routine over 60 minutes of hockey.

To make matters worse Montreal defenseman Alexei Emelin cross-checked Tyler Seguin in the ribs with less than five minutes to go in the second period and the Bruins holding a 3-2 lead. Emelin’s shot was hard enough to break his own stick as he sneakily struck the Bruins offensive star right in front of the Boston bench, and caused Zdeno Chara to react while protecting a hurting Seguin.

Instead of Emelin getting called for a cross-checking penalty, Chara was whistled for an instigator infraction and the 17 minutes worth of penalties that go right along with it. The Habs managed to score two goals in the third period with Chara in the penalty box, and it turned out to be the difference in a game for first place in the Northeast Division and Eastern Conference.

So to say the Bruins coach was a little vexed at Montreal’s conduct on the ice and the officiating that went along with it would be putting it mildly.

“The frustrating thing is that we get 17 minutes into the penalty box when we should have been on the power play. It’s as simple as that,” said Julien. “It’s frustrating because tonight – as everybody saw – there’s a lot of embellishment. This is embarrassing for our game: the embellishing. Right now they’ve got over 100 power plays [this season] and it’s pretty obvious why.

“We’re trying to clean that out of our game, and its got to be done soon. It’s not about [Sunday]. It’s about the game and the embellishment embarrasses our game. We need to be better than that. It’s pretty obvious when P.K. [Subban] gets hit and throws himself into the glass and holds his head. You know what? If we start calling those penalties for embellishment, maybe teams stop doing it. But until we take charge of that it’s going to be an issue.”